Pre-Operative Instructions

Preoperative Instructions Download

  1. 1) If your surgery is before 12 noon you may have nothing to eat or drink including water after midnight.
  2. If you’re surgery is after 12 noon you may have nothing solid after midnight and in the morning you may have Clear fluids only [i.e. fluids you can see through such as water, clear tea, apple juice, and jello] up until three hours prior to your anesthetic. PLEASE NOTE that coffee, orange juice, and tea with milk are NOT ACCEPTABLE.
  3. You must be in the office 15 minutes prior to your planned anesthetic appointment.
  4. Wear loosefitting clothing with crewneck short-sleeved tops. Footwear should be sox with either lace up shoes such as sneakers or loafers. That is no open toe footwear( thongs sandals etc.) please.
  5. Please make arrangements for responsible adult to bring you to the appointment and take you from the appointment as well as being with you for 6 hours after you arrive home.  NO ESCORT NO SEDATION.
  6. If you have any questions with respect to these instructions please contact Dr. Jeffrey Field on the day before your appointment for clarification. His mobile number is 0478622354 and the office number is 55232899.
  7. Payment is due 7 days preoperatively unless other arrangements have been made with Dr. Field. Please note that if you have dental insurance we will provide you with an estimate you can take to your insurer and in this case we only collect the GAP pre-operatively. Please speak to our front office to make arrangements